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“I’ll tell them how I survive it. I’ll tell them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in things because I’m afraid it could be taken away. That’s when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I’ve seen someone do. It’s like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much worse games to play.”

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Today I take the test. I’m scared it’ll tell me I’m not Abnegation; that I have to leave my family. But I’m even more scared that it’ll tell me to stay.

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"You are my best friend, bud."

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This is the plan, get to the elevator, while I distract him.

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A Stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of.

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Come on, guys! These are hilarious, kids love these!

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